Corn in the Ear

Corn in the Ear by Mátyás Kovács

The literary heritage of a matyó man.

Corn in the Ear

Corn in the Ear

Every single page of this book was written by our beloved father, picturing his very own ideas, his emotions and his deep faith in God. His writings depict the story of a man who devoted himself to his family and to his matyó community.

Who was this man? To us, his five children, he was an icon, a hero, a loving but hard and strict parent, planting chastity, piety and honesty into us from the very beginning.

He was a devoted citizen of Mezőkövesd, always deeply caring for the town. He was always keeping traditions and folk customs. He talked and wrote about the issues of reading, knowledge and preserving culture because he feared of people losing their heritage.”

Junios Mátyás Kovács

The book is available in Hungarian!