A Groom Forever

A Groom Forever

by Kálmán Laboda

– Selected poems –

konyv_orokvolegenyA Groom Forever- why the title?

Can one marry to a woman, money, wealth or success? Well, these things are not for me. If you managed to do so, well done you, I’d even like to be in your shoes, but only for a while, I guess. Is it possible to ‘adopt’ a smooth way of life, happiness or LIFE itself ? I think very few can manage. Can you take all women to wife? Everybody is seeking to have a little taster of Paradise on Earth.

And finally, is it possible to percieve God’ direct calling, His mercy? Very few have experienced so and I envy them, since true life and happiness are the real ‘currency’. I am a bachelor myself, a groom-to-be, a seeker forever.

Kálmán Laboda

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