Autumn Windmills

Autumn Windmills

by Margit Pető


konyv_osziszelkerekMargit Pető’s ‘windwheel’ has been spinning for seventy-five years now –with the autumn landscape of the soul for background – benefiting from winds blowing from all directions and transforming energy into a work of art.

The author, who has lived through both tough and peaceful times yet remained faithful to her native region has been active in more than one field of folk art. However, she has also experienced sifting periods when the unnecessary dropped out but the pure seed remained and it needed only the proper soil to sprout and grow a spike.

Being harvest time, the crop of her new selected poems got harvested during the time of ” rich golden autumn” , being piled in the mistery barns of her ‘ Autumn Windmill’. The title is very appropriate, being not only autobiographical but specific and thus characteristic of the author herself. The wheel and the axe – representing the soul – are whirling, the tower, embodying the man, is standing firmly. The rotating wind blades are grounding time into space and same time milling space into time, so are memories, landscapes, faces, prespectives, hopes and doubts being grounded in the mill of poetry and formed into lines and volumes of poems and finally by a last blow of good wind, into a lyrical ouvre. This book is like a barn full of good harvest, seeds are shining bright like sunshine of the golden autumn days, letting the reader bask in the light of poetry !

31st. May, 2010.
Károly Cseh

MARGIT PETŐ (1935) Mezőkövesd born writer and painter, graduated at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 1960. Her literary works are focused on the ‘Matyo’ tradition. Present day human and social problems are also reflected in her writings and pictures. Her works also radiates the hope into the future.

Published volumes of prose and poetry

Rozmaring ága, virágnak virága, 1984. (prose)
Kedves vendég tiszteltessél, nálunk megvendégeltessél, 1987. (prose)
Csillagrúgtatás, 1993. (poems)
Fogódzó, 2002. (poems)
Honorary citizen of her hometown since 1998. This present anniversary volume is a selection of 75 best poems of 75 years, illustrated by her own paintings.

The book is available in Hungarian!