Blue Feathered Sky

Blue Feathered Sky

by Dudás Sándor

Walk the wing

konyv_dudas_kektolluYour childhood summer’s seven-antler-deer is pacing through time, chased by imagination. You transform from timid to inspired in this beautiful pursuit. In this special inspired atmosphere there fuses the above with the below, and the outside with the inside, harmony is being born

Under the spell of such duality lives and works Sándor Dudás in Bükkábrány.

After the earth has grown ( his volume of poems ‘ The Earth Is Growing ‘ was published two years ago ) , the sky also seem to be growing. The haunting place eventually gets wings and takes off, captivating the lime cart driven by frightened horses, up to the sky, transforming into the Great Dipper, and scattering stars like “the army of little children off the chart who are clinged onto the handbarrow.” Other times, with spells, he chases off hawks from goose cages, is doing funny place name readings, evokes the image of ‘bat-rumor’ of village life, is humming lullaby to his granddaughter, Sarah, or is flying on ‘Time-Sleigh’ in Bükkalja, where in spring swells the brooks of Kács and Sály, and there is a footpath up in the “blue court”.

Meeting thirty-three poems of Sándor Dudás, is like a roller-coaster ride on earth, even walking feels like flying with wings trimmed, in a world, where ” all so much charm and colorful like parrots “

If the reader happens to get lost in the bustle of miracles and between the vibrant colours, they will find one of the author’s drawings as a sign, which serves not only as a guideline but is also delightful to look at.

The blessed hesitation is coined into the thrill of discovering.

Károly Cseh

The book is available in Hungarian!