Butterflies when Pigs are Slaughtered’

Butterflies when Pigs are Slaughtered’

by Sándor Dudás

konyv_pillangokAlthough Sándor Dudás’s third volume of poems were conceived in the month of Libra, they show a peculiar physical and spiritual intimacy. In his poems harmony is created out of the struggling beliefs.

Traditonally, in Hungary, October ( the month of the Libra ) is the time of pig slaughtering. Dudás pictures this time of the year with summer butterflies, pad poplars by the road, moonscapes, snow, vagabond winds, chickadees fighting crows, frost-bitten bluish hands, angel wings turning to blue, shining knives in the sunshine.

Turning into the festive time of autumn the poet’s age counts up the very same number as the number of his works that is wreathed by a bunch of intoxicating sonnets told of apostles taken and naturalized from the Bible. As always, he is stuck to the rule of three: sixty poems are glittering-glooming in the set of thirty sonnets, matching the gentle ‘ sunbeaming’ style of Iván István Bor’s graphics.

His ninety poems will surely leave an imperishable mark for the time of times.

The book is available in Hungarian!