Dreams Exiled

Dreams Exiled

by László Pázmándy

– Poems –

konyv_szamuzottLyricism is undoubtedly evokes passion and raises questions in the readers and almost compels that we ourselves are classified into one of today’s boxes : disloyal friends, selfish materialism, betreyal, lack of self-restraint among the elbowers, the daily fear of trouble. All these striking phenomena of our time and our lives, too.

Reading the poems, one realizes, that we have long fogotten to reveal and expose our joy and sorrow instead of hiding them, and that we have to find our way back and start to learn to rediscover our human nature and moral values and to face with our struggles without shame but with heart. The attitude of the writer is so loveable. His poetry, that is free from all the artifical, vanity and up-to-dateness, has the craft to evoke solidarity in the reader.

The poems fall into two categories. The poem, ‘ He Came to the Field of Snow to Lose’ signals a bunch of poems which deal with the prototype that after several years of struggling in life realizes, that something very important is missing from his life and fears it is too late.
The poem, ‘ Why we took the cross ?’ signals the other cycle of poems that impresses the reader with the physical and mental struggles of a belated love. Love is a miracle that has the power to conjure a blissful and areial dreamworld into the greyness of reality.

Sadly, life is unpeaceful, and so is man’s fate. The poems reflect paradoxes, since drifting in life is followed by consequences. This is when the reader meets such phrases as screaming, fate, mercy, hell, lavishing.

The message of the author seems to be the revelation, that we are all companions in distress.

The book is available in Hungarian!