Jubilee Almanac 1911-2011

The One Hundred Year Old Szent László Grammar and Vocational School

Jubilee Almanac 1911-2011

konyv_gimnazium_evkonyvBelief in future, dedication for community, hard work, high-quality education and humanistic approach – are the words that come into my mind when thinking back of the one hundred year capsule of the school. The founders, determined to help the children of the region to improve and progress, have achieved their goal. Each era, in the life of the school, has had such charismatic teachers, whose major influence has helped their students to have become recognized experts wordlwide in their field. For a teacher, the greatest recognition and success is when the students fly farther than their teachers ever did.

We would like to pay a tribute to our colleagues for their dedication, besides the difficulties they often have to face with. We would also like to express our pride concerning our remarkable students, who are seen as role models, though this expression is not something often approved nowadays. It is ever so pleasing to hear how happily alumni recall their high school years spent in the Alma Mater. They have so much to share. We would like future generations shared this spirituality.

“You can give your children but two things, one is roots and the other wings.” Goethe

Director Mrs Juhász

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