Matyóföld Culture part IV

Matyóföld Culture part IV

The undsicovered matyo heritage and its valuation – the documents of the readers’ meetings, year 2010 – (edited by János Pap)

konyv_matyofoldkulturajarol4The book edited by János Pap, Chairman of MAME, contains the reading material of the meetings of the year 2010. The Matyóföld Creative and Artistic Association finds the past and present of Mezőkövesd important to be revealed.

Welcome speech

It is an honor for me to welcome the authors and all those in present at the fourth Matyóföld Culture speech session. ” You cannot understand the present, if you fail to learn your past” – the proverb goes. We, the matyos, the people of Mezőkövesd certainly do have things to remember. The town’s civil organizations, our economical and social life all feed on our world famous culture and healing water. The various organizations, clubs , and reading clubs are often taken for granted by people. Members of these circles transmit the thoughts they consider important to share with their audience. One cannot but treasure their eager work, without which we would be poorer, since the enthusiastic research work of these dedicated people helps us to learn more about our hometown. Although we often hear these people be praised at various openings by welcome guests and town leaders, I do believe that this is not a mere phrase. Why it is not, is proved by the present project being currently in progress organized by the local government. In the year 2010 our aim was to introduce the hisory of * matyo people * not only at the local library or cultural events, but – as it is with galleries – to launch it into a journey in town. A journey that explores the town, and gets to schools and to young people. In addition to our aim , that our past to be the subject of education, organizing also has been started to support the idea of publishing a monograph. It is high time the history of Mezőkövesd to be presented in a comprehensive and complete edition. For this job to be a success, materials and dedicated people are required. I attach great importance to all the work which captures for posterity everything that has determined that town economically, socially and culturally. I believe that all the lectures and texts available in the book, will add up to our mission. I highly recommend this book for the Dear Reader!

Deputy Mayor András Hajdú


I. The matyo agriculture and the industry in an attempt to be anchored.

The perspective of the past peasantry in Mezőkövesd- by János Hajdu Ráfis
Mezőkövesd vineyards until the mid 20th century- by János Hajdu Ráfis
Two machine factories in the light of Hungarian technical ingenuity – by Zoltán Kádár
The short story of the Machine Works ‘Kismotor és Gépgyár’ and its Manifacturing Unit No 3. – by Mihály Lázár
Drilled Wells in Mezőkövesd in 2010 – by Sándor Szlovák

II. Matyo folk art, masters of matyo traditions and the history of the School of Music.

The Roots they want to live – by Andor Sorki Dala
What will happen to you Matyo folk art? – by Pál Pap
Messengers of Matyos – by Pál Pap
Essays on Matyo-Land, 1927 – by Miklós Ferenc Dorogi
Margit Gari and the 100th Birthday anniversary of Edit Fél – by János Pap
The story of Mezőkövesd School of Music from the beginning upto now – by Mrs Stefánia Mózer

III. The religion of Mezőkövesd people

Years spent in Mezőkövesd and Bogács in the life of Father Jámbor , 1918-1919 – by László Varga
The current religious communities working in Mezőkövesd – by Mária K. Dudás

IV. Artists , writers and anniversaries

Play and Reality – by József Bíró
Notes on Sándor Garamszeghy actor and writer, and on opera singer Éva Jablonkay – by János Pap
Anniversary of great Hungarian writers – by László Gyenes
István Sinka, the singing Black Shepherd – by Endre Medvigy

The book is available in Hungarian!