Me, Marcus

Me, Marcus by Szilvia Polgár

konyv_enmarcus“I so wanted to let her know, how deeply I felt for her when she was a puppy and was weeping so desperatly I so understood her when once she wanted to maverick because I knew the feeling, but since I have been living here with her I do not want to run away to anywhere anymore. I wish I could have told her that I believed in fate driving her into my way for a reason. Although my mom thinks I am the speaking image of Ravel , I doubt this is the only reason he has chosen me. Soul-mates will find each other , since they share the hardship of their past, and I am ever so sure we are soul-mates.

Every committed dog-owner could go on and on talking about the funny or sometimes annoying habits of their charming pet. In this book life is pictured through the eyes of man’s best friend : the way the dog sees the world and himself in it, and the invisible bond that makes man and dog friends. It is a bittersweet tale for grown-ups based on the true story of a german shepherd. It is a must to read by every dog-lover. Those who are not great fan of dogs should read it, too, so they will get to love dogs. Hopefully …

The book is available in Hungarian!