Monographies on Mezőkövesd 1973-1998

Monographies on Mezőkövesd 1973-1998

Iván Kápolnai and Sándor Szlovák – editors

konyv_tanulmanyokWhen lecturer Dr. Daniel Kováts presented the ‘Monographies on Mezőkövesd’ in the Town Library, he talked about the national and local monographies, and he also stressed the values of this present monography collection. Since this collection is to continue the previously published Mezőkövesd Monography, it is dealt with events happened between 1973 and 1998 in the town and in the environs. The collection contains ab. a hundred monographies by some 38 writers. In this present monography collection those fields are in the focus which have not really been dealt with in the previous one. It also tells about the events before the year 1973, such as the story of the pharmacies, which was not mentioned before the mid 19th. century.

Some topics :

The book starts with population analysis. The economical analysis deals with both the mass production and small-scale production. Industry deals with factory development, unprofessional handicrafts, transport, town development. As for the health service, medical attendance, hospitals, ambulance, nurseries, primary and secondary schools are introduced to the reader. Under the title ‘education’ you can read stories about the Community House, the Town Library, folk art, folk songs, and folk architecture. The event calendar of the book lists the events chronologically from 1974 to 1998. The book contains a summary both in German and English. It is illustrated with 11 colour and several black and white photos.

The book is available in Hungarian!