On the Culture of Matyóland – part III.

On the Culture of Matyóland – part III.

The unexplored and unexploited matyó heritage
the documents of the readers’ meetings, year 2009
(János Pap, editor)

konyv_matyofoldkulturajarol3This book is edited by János Pap, Chairman of MAME, and contains the documents of the readers’ meetings in 2007 and ’08. Matyóland Artists and Friends Association ( MAME) is commited to discover and display the past and present of Mezőkövesd.

From the intro :

” … What were the issues in 2009? The whole material of the lecture is available for reading or one can go on searching himself. The historical and cultural lectures teach us about the mysterious old parish registers of Mezőkövesd, the true story of post war Mezőkövesd, the reason of parish liquidation, films picturing the beauties of matyó folk art. Also, of what makes the poetry of Janus Pannonius and Miklós Radnóti important to us. The poems of Andor Dala Sorki, a Mezőkövesd writer, reveals the reader the literary potential of the nation. In the field of ethnology and folklore the works of István Győrffy, Ferenc Móra and Zoltán Szabó present references to Mezőkövesd and the popularity of the unique gate of Transylvania. As for linguistics one can read about intriguing pharses and expressions, as for fine arts, the need of caricature and cartoons is covered. Presenting this list of topics, I would like to point out, that although we found national anniversaries important, nevertheless our main target audience of the lectures was that of the locals.”

Editor János Pap

The book is available in Hungarian!