Parliamentary Election and MPs…

Parliamentary Election and MPs in the Region of Mezőkövesd 1848-2001

by Iván Kápolnai and Sándor Szlovák

konyv_orszaggyulesiAuthors Iván Kápolnai and Sándor Szlovák executed a wanting job when they completed the history of the parliamentary election in the region of Mezőkövesd. Their work deals with both the parliamentary election and the election in the County of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén, and it also contains the biographies of the MPs of Mezőkövesd. The changing locations of the constituences, the electoral right and the proportion of the total population were also studied. The deatils of the election in all municipalities were analyzed, the different nature of the electoral activity and the regions’ political behaviour are also illustrated.

In the biographies of MPs their place of birth, social background, qualification, political views and the occasional change in their constituences as well as their other activities are presented.

What is arresting about the book is that it is the first regional one in Hungary surveying the legal-, demographic, social and political issues of the parliamentary election of the past 150 years. The book is rich in documentaries, present and past political descriptions, and also the biographies of the MPs makes this almanac a significant and relevant work.

Judit Villám, curator of the Parliamentary Library

The book is available in Hungarian!