by Mrs Erzsébet Kiss Héczei – József Drabon


konyv_versekThis is the joint work of Mrs Erzsébet Kiss Héczei and József Drabon. Both authors have been experiencing the good and the just for long decades during their lives sometimes battling with hardships. Their poems are fed on these memories and ideas that they have just started to compose lately. In their poetry their deep christianity is revealed, the lines are interwoven with faith and hope for mankind, spreading the words that only love makes people content.

Their late poems also reveal that they both preferred natural science to humanities. Their poetry was inspired by their sensitivity towards people and the outside world. Readers can identify with their emotions and ideas concerning work, nature, family, public life, history.

Free from all modernity or formailsm, the poems wonderfully preserve the top qualities of our fiction writing heritage. Both authors are consequently stick to the Hungarian, rhytmic, rhymed metrical style. These poems were composed not only to the white-eared readers but to everybody. Heczei’s recurring theme is motherhood, while Drabon’s is fate. “The trees are just about to lose their costume of green / The breath of wind rolls the leaves / Reaching the ground softly / The trunk is not dead, its branches reach out lively.” /’ Fall and me’ by Héczei. This strophe suggests that the writer is getting more productive by the age and that ‘old age’ itself can also be an inspiring era in a writer’s life, discovering some new imperishable symbolism.

Drabon’s poetry is dominated by wartime experiences. His poem , ‘For Whom the Bell Did Not Toll’ was inspired by a father killed in World War II. : … in the infinite space, the toll of the death bell is echoed.” The’ Trianon Calvary’ features the values of today’s man’s fate. It also emphasizes the well known fact that a poem should be charged with sparkling spirituality.

This volume of poetry is very much recommended to the dear reader with its graceful and colloquial style.

János Pap

The book is available in Hungarian!