Purling Springs

Purling Springs

Songs of praise of Mezőkövesd


konyv_csorgedezo‘Purling Springs’ is a special but incomplete collection of songs of praise of Mezőkövesd. This hymn-book is a collection of popular hymns of various religious groups, including both old and latest ones, collected from the followers. Tewnty-five years spent in church service , experience proves that ‘ keeping hymns alive’ is vital in the life of believers. This recognition inspired me to publish this hymn-book, that includes all my observations in the past 15 years in Mezőkövesd and also my experiences : finding God in singing hymns, thanksgiving and praying. I truly believe and hope, that this book helps the young generation to find their way back to the forgotten hymns. I highly recommend this collection of hymns to all, who actively participate in singing and praying.

János Mózer – chorister

One of the issues of the Second Ecumenical Council of the Vatican was that ” Religious hymns should be cherished “. This issue corresponds with the call of my vicar, that was heard on the occasion of the chorister making his oath : ” Cherish and enrich the hymns of these people”. The aim of this little hymn-book is to save and pass on these wonderful folk chants. When you open the book try to sing with the spirit of Saint James : “Is anyone among you in trouble? Let them pray. Is anyone happy? Let them sing songs of praise” / James 5:13 /

László Török – chorister

The book is available in Hungarian!