The Faces of Man in Borsod-Abaúj- Zempén County

The Faces of Man in Borsod-Abaúj- Zempén County

by Imre Hajdu

konyv_emberarcokThe list of authors : Tibor Balázsi, Tamás Bihall, Béla Csákány, Gyula Fábián, Zoltán Farkas, Sándor Gallyas, Zsolt Gulyik, György Hegedűs, János Hetzi, Sándor Jónás, Lajos Koscsó, Miklós Nádler, János Puskás, Zoltán Soltész, Sándor Szabó, DR. Gábor Szarka, Lajos Tóth

Opening the book, the reader is exposed to the photos of 17 well-known people. Their names are well known since they often appear in the county press and occasionally even in the national papers. They also can be seen on the televison screen in the regional programmes.

It can easily be said, that they are the well-kown and recognized characters of the political, economical and social life of our region, the County of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén. They are mayors, members of parliament, managers, executives, successful businessmen. They are used to publicity.

With this volume of interviews, besides introducing many historical and factual references, my aim was to search these people’s heart and soul and present their humane nature to the reader. As an author I did my job with respecting these people and to serve my readers with moral lessons and also to send the message of optimism to them.

Imre Hajdu

The book is available in Hungarian!