The Message of Silence

The Message of Silence

Bükkalja Anthology

konyv_acsenduzeneteThey were born here in this region

Here, where the various forms of space and the gentle hills of the lowlands are embraced, the beautiful landscape of Bükkalja was begotten. All five of them are the children of this wonder-landscape, carrying loyalty and humility in their genes. Their hearts and souls of strong gravity, like the stone thrown in the air, falls back on the ground and finds rest on the Earth calmly. Together with the poet Babits, they believe, that ” Wherever your paths take you, there is a country you carry with you, a stubborn taste , a soft song.. ” Dear Reader, this is the soft song that you can hear when reading this anthology. If you are a stranger to this region, tasting these lines will teach you about Bükkalja.

This volume contains poems, short stories and artworks by Matyóföld artists Károly Cseh, Imre Hajdu, Kálmán Laboda, László Pázmándy and János Pető.

The book is available in Hungarian!