The Voice and Life of Margit Gari

The Voice and Life of Margit Gari

by József Kiss

konyv_garimargitMemories guarantee immortality. The more people recall a person’s figure, deeds and words, the more likely that the person has conquered death itself. Although this is the privilege of the few.

Margit Takács Gari is among those very few who had a great effect on the people around her thus she is living in the memories of both her family and the matyó people. Just like many of her contemporaries she had a hard life. Despite the poverty and hardship she managed to find beauty in life and share this treasure of hers with others making them blessed.

The book written by József Kiss is to commemorate her life and bringing an era closer to the reader. To show the values and virtues of a forgotten world that is getting more and more distant from our agile world. Instead of forgetting about them , these values should be treasured. History is not only about glorious battles and heroes and excellent rulers, but also about the everyday life of common people.

This book can teach us or it can just simply energize the reader. By all means we should all be proud of knowing him as one of us and should also be thankful to him for presenting the life of the matyó people worldwide.

András Tállai – Mayor of Mezőkövesd

The book is available in Hungarian!