Without Mask – Unprotected

Without Mask – Unprotected

by József Bíró

konyv_maszknelkul” … Who is this man? Is he an actor or a poet ? He is an actor. And a poet. A poet is fond of playing, acting, having a mask on, and same time finding joy in ruining himself… József Bíró has his faith in the healing power of art and poetry …”

( István Kelényi, poet )

” … he has had his fight with the demons of depths. He is the prototype of the past society. His literary imagination is fed on that past…”

(Sándor Rákos, poet )

“” … József Bíró is an actor and a poet. This duality seems to create the uneasiness and the playfulness that feature his poetry thus it is enriched with surreal images…”

(Béla Vígh, Vigília)

The book is available in Hungarian!