Library lessons

Do your students believe that “biography” is a television show? Do they think call numbers belong in a telephone’s memory? Are your students convinced that a “librarian” is a person born under the sign of Libra? If so, it’s time to reel them in and get them reacquainted with reading, researching, and the library! They nees lessons to reinforce library skills!

Lessons to teach library and research skills for primary school students.

Lesson planning:

  • how to use the library
  • mapping the library
  • library services, book loan
  • alphabetize for a reason
  • library catalog, periodical guides, reference books
  • introduce students to various library resources ( newspapers, audio tapes, videos , dvds etc )
  • how to use a table of contents and index
  • fun ideas for celebrating books and improving reading
  • Finding information, summing it up, internalizing, sharing it.

There is a growing demand for unconventional library lessons. Teachers much prefer this method, since they can make a good use of the facilities at hand in the library.

The topic of these lessons varies monthly to attract various age groups.

The library offers literary lessons which are usually very special events. Writers, curators, artists are among the lecturers. These events are interesting and are much enjoyed not only by the kids but also their parents.