Services in children’s library

Document Loan

Our children’s library houses more than 10,000 books. The children library offers books for primary school children. Registered members are allowed to borrow up to 6 books at a time. Loans are for a period of 3 weeks. Ten daily papers and 5 magazines are allowed for loan for a period of one week with the exception of the latest issues. Loans cannot be extended, we do no renewals.

Reading Room

Our Reading Room offers the latest daily papers, magazines and other library documents and books that are not allowed for loan.

Computers and Internet access, printing

Our adult library has 5 computers and there are 2 computers in the children’s library. The library provides access to the Internet and staff members are available to assist you with logging on and basic search techniques. Computers are also available for using Microsoft Office, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Colour printing is available up to size A4. Photo paper is available on request.