Mezőkövesd Library Foundation

The Mezőkövesd Library Foundation was created in November 2004, to support the professional and technical develpoment of the Town Library.


  • to extend the library stock
  • to provide services to help target activities
  • to develop library technical tools
  • to organize cultural events, exhibitions, readers’ meetings
  • to support publishing local history books
  • publishing
  • to research and scan local history documents
  • to finance trainings and retrainings
  • to finance contests for the young
  • to provide cultural entertainment for the regional population
  • to ensure the cultural entertainment and educational information for the adult population
  • to ensure the needed documents for adult trainings and retrainings
  • to seek ways of help to achieve the goals, find funds and make tenders
  • to ensure attainment of EU-related information
  • to help civil servants , Senior Club and Retired Teacher’s Club activities
  • to appreciate the work of the librarians

The local history book ‘ In the footsteps of the Matyó traditions’ by József Bán was published by the foundation in 2008 ( still available in the library). Also the foundation financially supported the children’s programs and the European Union Quiz. Supply materials were bought for the children and the EU quiz was supported with book vouchers.

Chairman of the Board of Trustees: Brigitta Kinczel
Members of the Board of Trustees: Mónika Juhász, Mária Pintér, Mrs Rigó

Contact the foundation:

Town Library
H-3400 Mezőkövesd, Madách I. u. 1.
Tel.: 0036-49-411-439
Tel/fax: 0036-49-416-096

Thank you for your support of all those
who have offered their 1% of their personal income tax
for the Town Library or the Mezőkövesd Library Foundation.

You are kindly requested to offer the 1%
of your personal income tax ( PIT)
for the Mezőkövesd Library Foundation in the near future, too.

Our Tax number is: 18447082-1-05

Thank you for your support!