For details on fees and charges see our Library fees and charges page

Document Loan

Our library houses more than 100,000 books. The adult library houses fiction and non-fiction for adults and high school students, while the children library offers books for primary school children. Registered members are allowed to borrow up to 6 books at a time. Loans are for a period of 3 weeks. Ten daily papers and 5 magazines are allowed for loan for a period of one week with the exception of the latest issues. Loans cannot be extended, we do no renewals.

Reading Room

Our Reading Room offers the latest daily papers, magazines and other library documents and books that are not allowed for loan.

Collection of local documents

his section of the library allows access to various documents and issues published on the past and present of Mezőkövesd and its neighbourhood. All the documents are systematized and are available for the members to read and investigate.

Booking Guideline

It is the best if you contact us in advance so that we can advise you if we have the documents you are planning to see, thus you can make a booking. When the document is returned, you will be notified by phone. If you cannot locate the title you are looking for within our library you may request an interlibrary loan. This service is free for our readers.

Research work

To help research work for essays, dissertations, homeworks, our staff is available to make a catalogue of documents for you.

Photocopying, printing, faxing

We provide a staffed photocopying service. Our library does not offer coin-operated options for these services. Copying is available in black and white for a maximum size of A3. Colour photocopying is available up to size A4. Photo paper is available on request. Staff is available to send or recieve materials for you both inland or overseas up to size A4.

Computers and Internet access

Our adult library has 5 computers and there are 2 computers in the children’s library. The library provides access to the Internet and staff members are available to assist you with logging on and basic search techniques. Computers are also available for using Microsoft Office, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.


Complete Text conversion. Scanning photos, images and documents up to size A4 is available both in black and white and in colour. Complete text conversion onto pendrive or disc and printing are also available.